It’s that time of year again new year’s resolutions, vision boards, and yearly challenges.  Personally, I really suck at committing to challenges. I’m still working on my discipline and planning skills. { Sidenote: I am also creating a vision board this year and planning will be a big focus for me next year.}   For 2018 I am going to try something different, I feel like in 2017 I have been on one long shopping bender.  


Photo by Kaboompics // Karolina from Pexels


Sooooooo I am going to go against that which is natural to me and challenge myself to not buy from fast fashion brands or clothes.  Now…let me tell you, I am the queen of fast fashion brands like Forever 21, Target, GS Love and SHEIN.  I love fashion-forward, on-trend affordable fashions. To be completely honest, fast-fashion is addicting and I’ve fallen under the lull of its sweet, sweet low prices. Honestly, I am little nervous about this challenge as I have to be more intentional about where I shop, how I shop, truly plan ahead. Also, I might just have to be okay with not buying something new constantly.  Take a step back and just be blessed and grateful for what I already have.  



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Photo: Me covered in Fast Fashion Brands: H&M, Target, and Akira.


Okay, is here what you can expect from me this year. Please, keep me accountable. 

  1. A monthly post featuring a slow-fashion brand, thrift finds, local designer creations and maybe some luxury brands thrown in there. 
  2. A short video of me unboxing and quick review of the product. 
  3. Also sharing some tips, news, and information about how we can all incorporate some slow-fashion movement ideas into our daily shopping life. 

Also if you have not done so please follow my Instagram @fashionable__demand and the website  I’ll be posting my challenge on those channels as well as my personal site IG. If you want to join the challenge tag your IG post with #nofastfashion18.  

**** Disclaimer: Can  I please be excused from any fast-fashion purchases I have to make in the name and sake of my wedding budget. Thanks in advance! **** 


Thanks for reading!



I am knocking down things on my bucket list, for the first time ever I stood in line for a rr6grand opening of a new store, Riley Rose at my local mall. Quite frankly, I need a do-over as there was no one in line an hour before the opening.  So I kinda feel cheated out of the true experience, on the bright side I knew for sure that I would get all the freebie samples they had available. 🙂


So what in the heck is a Riley Rose in the first place? A new beauty concept store spawned by the mass-fast fashion producer fondly known as Forever 21.  On Saturday, Dec 9th at Mayfair Mall and several other malls across the country debuted Riley Rose stores.

Am sure you’re asking yourself, what’s so special about this Riley Rose place? Well…I will say that it is the most Instagram friendly store I’ve ever been to. The merchandise is perfectly set and the lighting is beautiful. Its full of clean white fixtures and millennial pink walls.  An added bonus is that you can try any of the makeup or beauty products that you want and can real-time Instagram your shopping session. As there are several ipads around the store ready to capture your best selfie.



I believe the biggest draw for me is that there are tons of new-to-me beauty brands and Korean beauty products.  As well as some brands that I was surprised to find in-store like Sigma brushes, bh Cosmetics, and Gerard Cosmetics. Basically, all of the brands that you normally could only order online are now available in a store near you.  An added bonus for me is that they are open to suggestions of new beauty brands you would like to see Riley Rose carry in-store.  I suggested Glossier, Colourpop, and Deciem: The Abnormal Beauty company.

What beauty brands would you like to see carried?

Overall, I would give the store a B+ rating. Visually the store is extremely pleasing to the eye.  There is a great assortment of products from make-up, skincare, hair products, home decor, and gifts. Definitely, believe this a store you will want to shop during the holiday season or anytime you want to pick-up a cute gift for someone. Where I can feel they can improve and stand out amongst the Sephoras and Ultas of the world by carrying more makeup that is inclusive of all skin colors and secondly, creates space for Women-owned and Minority-owned beauty brands a chance to live in brick-and-mortar stores.

If you live the Milwaukee County area and love makeup or beauty products, I highly suggest that you visit the Riley Rose location in the Mayfair Mall near the Boston Store end of the mall.

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How I Survived a 90-day Dating Experiment

I am the Queen of “situtationships”. In fact, for almost all of my 20’s that’s all I’ve known. Was I afraid of commitment? Hmmm…not exactly, more like I never understood the true value of my companionship and diluted FWBs into “just friends”.  Constantly convincing myself that we are just friends knowing that my feelings were stronger. Believing that if I turned a blind-eye to my feelings that I would be invincible to any kind of hurt. In our age of millisecond attention spans and an increased pool of people at our fingertips think, Tinder. It’s increasingly harder to garner the sincere attention and effort from a potential bae.


So how does a woman like myself find herself in a 90-day dating experiment? How else, but by force. A supernatural force that was outside of my control that compelled me to give a man totally off my radar a chance. So on March 23rd, 2016 I accepted his offer to enter into a 90-day dating trial. The terms of the agreement were to date exclusively and wholly give our energy, trust and focus to getting to know each other. At the end of the 90-days we would evaluate and then make a decision about whether to continue our courtship or not.


I tend to deal with most experiences in my life on an intellectual level first before it passes (if it ever makes it) onto emotional, spiritual and/or physical levels. So mentally this seemed like a brilliant idea. I mean there were concrete guidelines, a solid deadline and seemingly mutual desire. What happened within the 90-days tested me farther then my analytical brain could handle.


First off, Men were coming out of the woodworks! I’m talking about men I hadn’t spoken to in months and in some cases even years. It’s like they could smell that the tide had turned and they no longer could get my attention whenever they pleased. Secondly, I had to get used to being a “we”. I really struggled with the fact that I was no longer just Chelle, but now Chelle with a Bae. Every time someone starts a conversation they ask how we or he is doing before asking how I am. I could rant about that for ages…but I will refrain. Lastly, my choices and decisions were no longer just based on my singular desires or whims. I actually had to take into account a whole another person. These are just the things that I battled with internally.


Within the physical world, Bae and I went through a series of trials during the 90-days. We lost friends, went through a family death and the grieving process. He experienced crazy female’s tendencies a.k.a me going through his phone and (not-so) sweetly telling a chick off. I tried to break-up with him almost 30-days in due to pressure from my family. We met each other families and friends. Survived a weekend trip to LA as well as a couple road trips in-between there. All while trying to balance work, family, friends and self.


I must say that it has been the most transformative 90-days of my life. I learned how self-less and selfish I am.  Yet, I know how open and full my heart can be when it is focused on singular desire. So how did I survive this 90-day experiment? There were two central ingredients; commitment and love. I first know that he loves me, no questioning and no doubting.  Thus, because I know that our foundation is based on love. I can in fact commit. Which is what I did, on our 90th day I committed!



I don’t care if you like, love or loathe Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West as it is pretty indisputable that she has a profound affect on current fashion and beauty. Heck! I’m still trying to figure out how I can pull-off the perfect all-nude outfit.


In the meantime however,  Mrs. West has just released a video giving step-by-step instructions on how-to create her signature nude lip. Luckily her lipcolor look is something that can be relatively easy to recreate. The toughest part of the entire process is finding your perfect shade of nude. This is can be a challenge for my chocolate Kontrol Girls, but I highly suggest ‘Sweet Honey’ lipcolor and “Intense Café’ lipliner by Clinique.

LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 08:  TV Personality Kim Kardashian attends The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards at the STAPLES Center on February 8, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS)
LOS ANGELES, CA – FEBRUARY 08: TV Personality Kim Kardashian attends The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards at the STAPLES Center on February 8, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS)

Step 1: Line

Outline your lips using your lip pencil, For most women a neutral pink color will do.

Step 2: Fill-in

Next fill-in your lips with your lip pencil to create a tonal, matte lip

Step 3: Swipe

Swipe on you favorite moisturizing nude lipstick or lipgloss to add dimension to your lip. Voilá! You now have the Kim K.  nude lip.

Click here to watch the video for yourself.

Written by: Michelle Gill

Instagram: @magill2

Posted on : Oct. 16, 2015


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all been ablaze with the dramatics that has been the official release of the Balmain X H&M collection. Quite literally, people were acting like fools trying to get their paws on some of the coveted Balmain X H&M designer collection. It has been 10 years since H&M first started their designer collaboration collections and it seems the anticipation continues to grow each year.


The footage I saw today from inside some of the H&M stores of people who were being trampled and sales associates having to be followed by security, was shocking. Not to mention, that on Wednesday night I had already seen items on eBay from the collection ready to be bid on for 5 times their retail price!


I really had to a take a step back to think…does a designer collaboration really mean that much? Kara J. posted on her blog, ChinChilly Style an article about whether designers’ collaborations really count. I really urge you to read it.


So, do designer collabs really count? Are you really getting a piece of and access to a designer brand? Cynically, I believe that is just a more amicable and marketable way for fast-fashion retailers to offer styles that normally they would just rip off the runways. Yet, my optimistic side wants to believe that H&M is offering their customers the chance to own a piece of luxury at an affordable price.

What’s your take Kontrol readers?

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Perhaps to the surprise of many strict, die-hard fashionistas; the Yeezy season 1 collection has been selling-through pretty consistently since its drop into fine-stores and online. Kanye West received a lot of flack on his collection, many feeling as though his clothes were “homeless wear”. If you want to find out my take on it, read about it here.


Tim Gunn, the opinionated, but style-savvy advisor popular from the “Project Runway” series had some pretty shockingly honest responses concerning Yeezy’s collection.


“I think they’re a bunch of dumb clothes,” says Gunn. He continues with, ” [They’re] Just basic pieces. … He won’t [like that comment], but let me tell you, the whole Kardashian clan doesn’t like me, so no surprise there.”


His conversation on Huff Post Live continues about his disdain for the Kardashian clan. The rest of his conversation can be viewed by clicking here.

Published on Nov. 7, 2015 on


Okay, I am going to let it all hang out…kinda like Miley, but classier. Why, oh why does everyone have to be naked? I am not against nudity. I believe that the body and any body for that matter is a piece of art. However, when I watch the red carpet I want to see innovation in design, interesting textiles and color. Overall, most of the looks on the VMA red carpet were passable, just okay. Nothing too exciting, basically a lot of stuff that I have already seen a million times over on other red carpets.

The VMAS is a time where you can be fun, young, free and colorful. Everything looked so drab and way too formal for what I believe is the intended vibe of the MTV Video Music Awards. That being said out of my top 4 worst dressed it wasn’t that it was dreadful fashion, rather I feel as though these individuals either were underdressed or weren’t dressed.

  1. Miley – The design itself great, but I am tired of seeing Miley naked.


  1. Pharrell – I love double denim, but this does not feel fresh. It’s
  2. Kylie Jenner – I am pretty sure we only need one Balmain Queen. Kylie you are not Kim.083015-Getty-VMA-48
  3. Kelly Osbourne – Totally feels like an outfit you could find at Ashley Stewart. Not impressed and not flattering for her frame.


Posted August 31, 2015 on

Yesterday, Kanye West debuted his collection for Yeezy Season 2. First impressions from social media and other media outlets reveals 2 camps of thought, either you hate it or you love it. For those who were not able to view the show in-person or streamed lived at a local theater. Here is a synopsis of the collection; athleisure with strong inspirations taken from action and fantasy movies such as ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Hunger Games’ to name a few. Many people commented that his clothes looked like something that a “homeless person” would wear, which in my opinion is a tasteless and classless thing to say. Since it demonizes a particular subset and deems them almost ”un-human’, but I digress.


If you actually think about it, what Kanye did was slightly brilliant. First he took a rather “low-class” way of dressing and trickled it up into the world of “high-fashion’ with zero fucks given (excuse my language). Secondly, he collided the world of music, conceptual art and fashion, which itself is not novel. Yet what made it brilliant was that he broadcasted the show in markets typically devoid of high-fashion. Effectively, Kanye created a media storm around his show and in the process continued the democratization of fashion.

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