The Miracle of Being Laid-Off


The internet has undoubtedly changed the way we do everything and that includes shopping. You no longer must you put on pants and go to the store. NOPE! You can just stay at home, relax and shop online. With change, there comes some things that can withstand it and some things that cannot. Unfortunately, the 120-year-old company, Bon-Ton Stores Inc. was not able to withstand the increasing change and challenge of customers’ changing buying patterns.

What does that have to do with me? Well, I am one of the causalities of their recent 2018 liquidation and was left kind of abruptly without formal employment. When rapid change occurs, it requires a rapid response. Luckily, during my last year at Bon-Ton I had split my duties between the e-commerce and digital media/affiliate marketing departments. Additionally, I had taken on freelance-digital marketing clients and projects to supplement my learning and to expand my skill set.

Photo by from Pexels

Yet even with all the steps I had taken to prepare myself for the future, I still knew there were aspects of digital marketing where I could strengthen some weak spots. Thus, just a few days before my last day at Bon-Ton, I decided to invest in myself and enroll into the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree program. I am hopeful for my future, I have spent a long time trying to forage a career in the marketing industry and this is certainly bringing me steps closer to solidifying myself as a marketer and increasing my confidence in my offerings and service as a Freelance Digital Marketer.

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