Mz. Skittlez, is CEO and designer of the bold, yet sweet streetwear clothing line Cupcake Mafia. For those not familiar with the term “Cupcake” it is a woman that is on her grind, she’s a hard-worker and a boss. It’s Cupcake Mafia’s goal to not only enrobe women with their confections but to also unite them and inspire each Cupcake to reach her goals.

The line began in Cleveland, Ohio with $300 dollars, 30 t-shirts, 5 dedicated team members and 1 woman with a vision. Today, that vision has grown into a international brand that can be purchased in 800 stores.  Recently her Atlanta flagship store celebrated its 1-year anniversary . I was able to chat with Mz. Skittlez shortly after the opening and she had this to say about her flagship celebration,” It was amazing,…clothes, nails and cupcakes!” She also mentioned that she may be opening up a store in New York, but no promises just yet. Come Spring 2016 expect a collaboration with Jeffrey Campbell as well as a yet to be disclosed sneaker collab. In the meantime, school-bound Cupcakes can grab limited-edition Cupcake Mafia backpacks at Sprayground.

How has Mz. Skittlez been able to develop such a dynamic brand? Well..the brand has an amazing social media presence and a host of celebrities that have endorsed Cupcake Mafia from its inception. Yet, their strongest driving force is the deep connection that the brand has built with its fellow Cupcakes. Mz. Skittlez exclaims that,


“Cupcake Mafia allows women to say things they normally wouldn’t say…it offers them a way to say it through fashion.”

Undoubtedly, her road to success was paved with some rough patches that she bravely shared  in her book, ‘The Icing On Top Ain’t Always Sweet.’  “I used to be ashamed of my life story like that I was homeless, I thought it would ruin my credibility”, says Mz. Skittlez. In the course of sharing her story she has learned that she could and has made a great impact on young women.

Her dedication to helping her fellow woman is an enduring one. She adds, “ I feel like my life is open, I am in the process of writing [another] book, what it took to build a brand. Everything on the intel about how to start a business” Lastly, Mz. Skittlez did have this bit of wisdom to share with aspiring female entrepreneurs, “A slow life to the top is better than a fast fall to the bottom.”

Please be sure to keep up with Mz. Skittlez at  www.mzskittlez.com and visit Cupcake Mafia to shop her newest collection.

By: Michelle Gill

Published on September 2, 2015

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