Vanessa Blake is a UK-based vegan and natural cosmetic/skincare company celebrating their first-year in the United States.  I chatted with Roschelle, Head of Marketing and Sales for the company concerning the reason for Vanessa Blake Cosmetic’s commitment to vegan and natural products. Roschelle commented, “In our everyday life we are exposed to toxins, our skin is made up of pores everything that is on us, goes in us.”

glosspot-postcardVB cosmetics emphasize their dedication to plant-based and natural products by injecting a high-level of communication and education surrounding the benefits of their natural-ingredient infused cosmetics.  “We are all about making your skin healthy and not just to it cover up… we also heal the skin and as well as enhance,” explained Roschelle.

Another unique attribute of Vanessa Blake Cosmetics, they are among a small group of bespoke makeup companies. Bespoke cosmetics are a new genre within the makeup world; it refers to the capability of customers to create custom-blended foundations, skincare, lipsticks and other makeup products.  “I am in love with the foundation, we match the skin perfectly, and there’s not a color we can’t match. Our coverage is wonderful, it allows your skin to breathe,” exclaims Roschelle

mattebeauty-postcardFor the price of $45 to $50 you can receive a customized foundation and formula specifically made for your skincare needs. This is a great value considering that foundations from Lancôme or Dior cost the same; yet do not offer the enhanced benefits of Vanessa Blake Cosmetics. To top it all off, each customer’s custom-blended formulation is kept on file with VB cosmetics, making it easy to reorder and have it shipped to your home.

Now…where can you find them? Currently, their first location is in the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, GA. They have a kiosk that is located outside of the Macy’s. While they currently only have one physical US location, “it is our goal to be in every household,” says Roschelle. Be sure to stop by for a consultation if you live in the Atlanta area and checkout their newest fall lipstick color, “Cabernet”.

For those of you who are not able to visit Vanessa Blake Cosmetics ,you can shop their products online. Otherwise you are urged to visit their instagram @bespokebyVB to see how the custom-blend process is performed.

Written by Michelle Gill

Published on Novembern15, 2015

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