Why I Liked Yeezy Season 2

Yesterday, Kanye West debuted his collection for Yeezy Season 2. First impressions from social media and other media outlets reveals 2 camps of thought, either you hate it or you love it. For those who were not able to view the show in-person or streamed lived at a local theater. Here is a synopsis of the collection; athleisure with strong inspirations taken from action and fantasy movies such as ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Hunger Games’ to name a few. Many people commented that his clothes looked like something that a “homeless person” would wear, which in my opinion is a tasteless and classless thing to say. Since it demonizes a particular subset and deems them almost ”un-human’, but I digress.


If you actually think about it, what Kanye did was slightly brilliant. First he took a rather “low-class” way of dressing and trickled it up into the world of “high-fashion’ with zero fucks given (excuse my language). Secondly, he collided the world of music, conceptual art and fashion, which itself is not novel. Yet what made it brilliant was that he broadcasted the show in markets typically devoid of high-fashion. Effectively, Kanye created a media storm around his show and in the process continued the democratization of fashion.

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